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The Deadly Dozen Book Bundle now available for pre-order at Amazon!

Deadly Dozen 3D

Soul and Shadow is in some mighty fine company!

The DEADLY DOZEN Book Bundle contains 12 complete mystery/thriller novels by award-winning and international bestselling authors: Cheryl Kaye Tardif, Catherine Astolfo, Alison Bruce, Melodie Campbell/Cynthia St-Pierre, Gloria Ferris, Donna Galanti, Kat Flannery, Jesse Giles Christiansen, Rosemary McCracken, Susan J. McLeod, C. S. Lakin and Linda Merlino.

1. THE BRIDGEMAN by Catherine Astolfo
2. DEADLY LEGACY by Alison Bruce
3. A PURSE TO DIE FOR by Melodie Campbell & Cynthia St-Pierre
4. CHEAT THE HANGMAN by Gloria Ferris
5. A HUMAN ELEMENT by Donna Galanti
6. LAKOTA HONOR by Kat Flannery
7. PELICAN BAY by Jesse Giles Christiansen
8. SAFE HARBOR by Rosemary McCracken
9. SOUL AND SHADOW by Susan J. McLeod
11. ROOM OF TEARS by Linda Merlino
12. DIVINE INTERVENTION by Cheryl Kaye Tardif

With an individual list price total of more than $45.00 and over 640 reviews collectively on, the DEADLY DOZEN Book Bundle is a value-packed, rollercoaster thrill ride that takes you from amateur sleuth to detective to paranormal to ancient mysteries set in intriguing worlds and so much more.
From now until September 14, you can get this fantastic collection for only $3.99 if you pre-order from Amazon! The regular and still great price will be $7.99. It’s quite a line-up and you won’t want to miss it!
Here are the links:
Amazon link:
Universal link (for and foreign Amazons)
Imajin Books:
We look forward to your reviews and send a big thank you to all readers!

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                                                            Great things come in threes this July! 

                                                                                                                      July 12 – 20, 2014

‘Share the Imajin Books Buzz’ contest – share our events on Twitter and Facebook, and share your pics of our books on your ereaders or you holding one, and receive entries into a grand prize draw for a $100 Amazon/Kobo gift card! Other prizes include: a poster of “Sanctuary” by critically acclaimed artist David Miller, and three $20 Amazon or Kobo Books gift cards (winners’ choice). Open to anyone 18+. Void where prohibited. To enter, use the Rafflecopter form below from July 12-20.

Imajin Books eBook Sale – ebooks will be priced at $0.99 or $1.99 from July 12-20 via Amazon & Smashwords. 

Prices will be adjusted on Amazon (Kindle) during this event.
Please use the coupon codes at to get the sale price on Smashwords. Some titles do not need a code. If you have a Nook, Kobo or other ereading device, the Smashwords edition is the one you want.
Sale ends July 21, 2014. Prices listed are in USD.


Facebook Party – for one day only, Thursday, July 17th, we’ll be holding a Facebook Party online and giving away prizes (ebooks and gift cards from Amazon, Smashwords and Kobo.) Join us at: The party begins 2:00 PM EDT and goes until 8:00 PM EDT. Our authors will drop by when they can. Be sure to also like our Facebook page:  


SOUL AND SHADOW  will be on sale for $.99 and FIRE AND SHADOW  will be only $1.99! So put on your flip flops, grab a cold drink, and come join in the fun!

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Special guest author Jesse Giles Christiansen talks about why authors should sometimes embrace insanity


Sometimes when you lose, you win.

This weekend is the big kickoff for a promo that I don’t think I’ll ever forget, and one that I’ve done everything in my power to ensure that I always remember. September 27-29 are my free days for my first foray with Amazon’s KDP Select program through my publisher, Imajin Books. Imajin Book’s owner and bestselling author, Cheryl Kaye Tardif, has used this program to become a bestseller, as well as other authors, including her own.
A part of me is afraid. A part of me is thrilled. The whole of me is a human live wire.
My novel, PELICAN BAY, was a list bestseller out of the gate. Being in a genre top 100 is like going to your local theme park. It’s terrific, and you definitely want to go back … but it isn’t Disney World folks.
I want to go to Disney World.
Really badly.
And stay.
Maybe I’m already there, hiding in the Haunted House and sleeping there with the familiar ghosts.
Am I a ghost? Right now I feel like a familiar ghost. And there’s nothing wrong with that. No. Not at all. I’m a new author who has tasted some success like drops of deliciously acidic rain on my tongue.
To go from ghost to bodily form, I must make the top paid 100 on Amazon … where the magic happens. But as most of you already know, this is much easier said than done. I have the help now of my marketing savvy, mentoring publisher, great authors, passionate readers, keen reviewers, artists, editors, and friends and family. However, as I write this, my promo group, which I’m calling Captain Shelby’s Skeleton Army (Captain Shelby is the big character from PELICAN BAY), consists of only 38 people. But you know what? I’d rather have 38 faithful, like-minded, artistic souls than a 1000 bandwagon-jumpers or doubters. Yes, I’ll take my little army and we’ll see what we can do.
My free days end Sunday, and then PELICAN BAY has to swim. I mean REALLY swim. I think it can. I really do. I believe it, but I need your faith, too. Your help. No one is an island, after all, in any realm.
What started all this madness, really, were two things. First, I’ve been watching PELICAN BAY and it has done some things I never dreamed a new book from a new author would. There are those days. Yeah, those days. When I’m not doing any promos, sending out just basic tweets or Facebook posts, and suddenly the book’s ranking, which I fear on those days will sink into oblivion, makes these jumps like a great tarpon finding its third and fourth winds. It truly amazes me. Also, PELICAN BAY was a list bestseller for over two months.
The other reason, truth be told, is that I was supposed to do this promo later in the year with a power author. Certain circumstances led to her having to cancel our promo. I was disappointed, not at her, but at life. Don’t laugh here, but I started to feel like Rudy in that cheesy but inspiring film, after his friend dies in the factory fire. This voice inside me just said, “You have to do this now, on your own … don’t wait.”
And so the insanity began.
Why is my promo insane? Why is reaching for the top paid 100 on Amazon nuts? Well, I’m not a math genius, but you don’t have to be to understand the statistics of a new author reaching for such a goal. There are over 3 million eBooks on Amazon. The closer you get to the top paid 100, the more your book, no matter how strong, turns into a colorful snail. It slithers inches along the pavement as if begging to be squashed by Amazon’s mighty foot.
But it’s good for an author to embrace insanity, chiefly because even the most basic, consistent things that we come to rely on in life … are incomprehensible. Take these words, for instance. Perhaps you are reading this blog post, and I thank you warmly for that. But these words. What are they? They appear so consistently to you now, but do you “know” them? You may be reading a computer screen in a complicated dream. You may forget that these very words are not objects, but only consistent flickers of your senses. Were any of countless possible events to occur inside or outside of you, these words would simply vanish.
So insanity for the artist may boil down to, really, reaching for things that defy our reliable senses, our common knowledge. If you want to do something unusual, you have to think unusually. Reach senselessly. Or as Cheryl Kaye Tardif says, “Think BIG.” And yes, she’s part of the Captain Shelby Skeleton Army. And I’m deeply thankful for that.
But what if I fail? Well … sometimes win you lose, you win.
Yours in literature,
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Cheryl K Tardif’s SUBMERGED Only Two Weeks Away!

Reposted from The Suspense Is Killing Me, Cheryl’s blog. I cannot wait to read this book!!


The publishing journey of SUBMERGED

Posted: 09 Feb 2013 03:06 PM PST

First, I’d like to thank you all for your supportive emails, letters and social network messages when I announced that SUBMERGED was finished and a publishing announcement was upcoming. I am very excited about this thriller! But I’m even more excited that you are too. 🙂
SUBMERGED is a story that was inspired by the battle a friend of mine had with addiction. At first, I just wanted to write a book with a main character who was an addict, but my friend shared so much of his own experiences that my character, Marcus, grew before my eyes. Conflicted by the past and submerged in grief and guilt, he believes he’s where he should be–a sort of punishment of sorts, for past transgressions. But a phone call from a woman trapped in a vehicle changes his life forever.
My agent, Erica Spellman-Silverman, from Trident Media Group, and I discussed the options for SUBMERGED. We could approach publishers with it, but after careful consideration, many phone calls and weeks of contemplation, we both felt that wasn’t the best plan for the book. And here’s why…
If we pitched SUBMERGED to the big publishers, we would have to wait anywhere from 1-2 years before the book was published. And I’m not interested in pursuing smaller publishers because they just wouldn’t have much to offer me. After my huge success last year with CHILDREN OF THE FOG, I know what I want career-wise. And after hearing what one publisher thought she could get me as an advance, I realized that I needed to aim high and continue doing what I’ve been doing until someone thinks I’m worth what I want out of a deal. After all, an author can’t take lightly the aspect of giving away her rights to one of her books. It has to be worth it.
Erica’s concern was also for my readers. She knows how hard I’ve worked to get my books out there, to connect with readers worldwide, and she understands that my fans want another book. Today, not in 2 years. So we came up with a plan.
I won’t go into all the details, but suffice it to say, I was excited once I got the ball rolling. SUBMERGED will be published very soon. My readers won’t have long to wait now. And providing I do well with sales, Erica is going to take both CHILDREN OF THE FOG and SUBMERGED to a major publisher, armed with sales data, and we’ll go after a 2-book deal, foreign rights and audio. And…we may pitch a third book that would also have a tie-in to these books.
SUBMERGED is a standalone thriller with a hint of paranormal. It is not part of a series. But it does have a cool tie-in to CHILDREN OF THE FOG, and vice versa.
SUBMERGED will be published by Imajin Books like my other titles. Imajin Books is my publishing company; I’m an indie author and proud of it. But yes, I have my sights set on a BIG book deal in the future.
And now…for the news you have all been waiting for…the release date for SUBMERGED.
I am very pleased to announce that SUBMERGED will hit Amazon’s virtual bookshelf on…

FEBRUARY 26th, 2013

A paperback will follow shortly after. To start, only Amazon will carry SUBMERGED, but that could change later.
Be sure to follow me on Twitter and Like my Facebook page so you can follow the big countdown and the cover reveal. My official launch party will be March 4-6, online. More on that later.
See you online! 🙂

Cheryl Kaye Tardif is a bestselling Canadian suspense author. Check out Cheryl Kaye Tardif’s novels!
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Imajin Books Twitter Party!

The authors at Imajin will be tweeting their little hearts out to connect with you, our wonderful readers! Join the festive fun! I’ll be giving away copies of Soul And Shadow and Fire And Shadow.

Christmas Twitter Party on today to December 16th – free ebooks & other prizes!

Posted: 14 Dec 2012 10:49 AM PST

Imajin Books Twitter Party – December 14-16, 1-8 PM (MT) or 3-11 PM (EST)
Party events:
Kindle Fire HD giveaway when we reach 5000 followers by 7:55 PM (MT) on Dec. 16.
v  Trivia questions to win winner’s choice of ebook prize.
v  Author questions – readers can ask questions throughout this event and any of our attending authors will answer them.
Follow us at Follow our Twitter Party Dec. 14-16 by following #ImajinBooks.
And, I am proud to announce that the new trailer for Fire And Shadow is out! You can watch it at
Hope to see you soon!
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The Twenty-Five Days of Christmas Giveaways from Imajin Books

Celebrate “25 Days of Christmas Giveaways” with Imajin BooksThis December great things come in 3s with our annual

“25 Days of Christmas Giveaways” event.
1. eBook Giveaways – #ImajinBooksWe have 5 special titles that we’ll be giving away. These ebooks are available in a variety of formats for Kindle, Kobo, Apple, Sony ereaders and more.

No coupon needed. (An Imajin Sampler. Three chapters of Soul And Shadow included!)
Coupon TBA
Coupon TBA
Coupon TBA
WHAT FEARS BECOME: An Anthology from The Horror Zine – FREE Dec 21-25
Coupon TBA
2. Imajin Books Twitter Party – December 14-16, 1-8 PM (MT)
Party events:  Kindle Fire HD giveaway if and when we reach 5000 followers by 7:55 PM (MT) on Dec. 16.
Trivia questions to win winner’s choice of ebook prize. (Pick me! Pick me!)
Author questions – readers can ask questions throughout this event and any of our attending authors will answer them. (I love to talk.)
Follow us at Follow our Twitter Party Dec. 14-16 by following #ImajinBooks.
3. Rafflecopter Contest – December 1-25
Enter for a chance to win a $200 gift card from Amazon, B & N or Chapters.
Our Paperback Sale, which has been on since November 1st, lasts til December 16th.
And let’s not forget, if you are a member of US/UK Amazon Prime, you can borrow Soul And Shadow and Fire And Shadow free from the Kindle Owner’s Lending Library!
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Meet Author Kenna McKinnon!

Kenna McKinnon is a freelance writer/photographer and self-employed medical transcriptionist who lives in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. She is one of my fellow authors at Imajin Books, and one great lady! SPACEHIVE is her first published novel, a young adult sci-fi/fantasy which is sure to create a buzz! Here is an excerpt for your reading pleasure.

Will Earth Be Lost to the Sting of a Worldwide Massacre?

“Tell us what to do!” screamed the inhabitants of Earth to their leaders. They were met with confused silence. “Our military is helpless against the shields of the mother ship and the rays of the death machines,” the generals of Earth said.

Five Star Earth General Joseph Zellers, the Chief of Defense at the UFN, snorted. “Bomb them! We have weapons of mass destruction. It’s time to use them.”

“What weapons of mass destruction?” a sheikh asked. “We have camels and oil, olive groves and Allah on our side.”

“We have no choice but to bomb them,” the Australians said.

“No, we don’t dare use nuclear weapons,” said the Canadian Prime Minister. “They’d be suicide for the people of Earth.”

“We’ll nuke the gravy out of them.” General Zellers folded his hands over his big belly and winked at President Maria Black.

“I’m with you, Joseph. Time’s not on our side.”

“Nuke them,” General Zellers shouted.

Yikes! It’s going to take a BIG can of RAID™ to solve this problem!!

Canadian author Kenna McKinnon’s debut novel SPACEHIVE is FREE on this weekend, October 13 – 15, 2012.


Thank you for sharing, Kenna! You are an inspiration, as people will discover when they read your blog.

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August Authors


July jumped and August is awesome at Imajin Books! It’s the second half of Summer Sizzlers, where you can meet our August Authors. See how I did that? The authors are august and the month is August so it has two meanings! I see you shaking your heads in wonder and admiration. What can I say? I was just born with it.

This month you can enter the drawing to win a Kindle Fire, Kindle Touch 3G, Kindle, Kobo Vox or Kobo Touch. Just go to Imajin contest page at We’re also giving away ebooks, paperbacks, and gift cards from Amazon and Kobo during our Twitter Party August 15-17. It’s part of meeting the authors at Imajin. You can read about us on the Imajin blog at and on our own blogs as well. Please feel free to ask questions! My virtual door is always open to you, even if I’m still in my pajamas.

Many Imajin books are on sale, including Soul and Shadow. It’s only $2.99 for the month of August. So come on down! Or up, as the case may be. Just as long as you make it!

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Win Prizes as Summer Sizzles at Imajin Books!

July and August are big months at Imajin. I can’t wait to see your pictures! If you send in a photo of Soul and Shadow either in your hands or on an ereader, you could win one of several gift cards from Amazon or Kobo. There will be chances for us to interact on Twitter and the Imajin blog. I’ll be looking out for you, so please come on by!

This summer, great things come in 3s with our annual Summer Sizzles event. This year’s event is even bigger and better, with more contests, more prizes and a chance to “meet” our authors online.


1. ‘Share the Imajin Books Buzz’ contest – share our events on Twitter and Facebook and receive entries into a draw for a KINDLE FIRE or KINDLE TOUCH 3G–winner’s choice! Open to US residents (Kindle Fire) and US/UK/Canada residents (Kindle Touch 3G.) Void where prohibited. Draw will take place the first week of August. To enter, use the Rafflecopter form on our home page from July 1-31.

2. ‘Ultimate Reader’ contest – show us your Imajin Books! Post photos on our Facebook page of you reading one of our titles (book cover must be legible) or a photo of one of our titles on your ereader. 5 prizes of $20 Amazon or Kobo gift cards; plus “ultimate reader” prize of a $100 Amazon or Kobo gift card. Contest open from July 1-31. Photos will be judged by Imajin Books authors. You can enter more than once as long as the pic shows a different book/ebook. Prizes to be awarded the first week of August. Open worldwide. Void where prohibited by law.

3. Free ebooks all month long. Watch our blog and check it throughout July to see which book is free.


1. Meet the talented authors at Imajin Books. During August, our authors will be posting on our blog, sharing interesting tidbits about their lives, their characters and their books. Ever wanted to ask an author a question? Here’s your chance. Check our blog each day to see who’s up next.

2. Twitter Party – for three days in August 15-17, we’ll be holding a Twitter Party online and giving away prizes (ebooks, paperbacks and gift cards from Amazon and Kobo.) Join us by searching for #ImajinAuthors. Leave us a question or comment by including @imajinbooks and #ImajinAuthors in your tweet. The party begins each day at 10:00 AM EST and goes ’til 10:00 PM EST. Our authors will drop by when they can. Follow us at

3. ‘Share the Imajin Books Buzz’ contest – we’re doing it again! Share our events on Twitter and Facebook and receive entries into a second draw for a KINDLE FIRE or KINDLE TOUCH 3G–winner’s choice! Open to US residents (Kindle Fire) and US/UK/Canada residents (Kindle Touch 3G.) Void where prohibited. Draw will take place the first week of September. To enter, use the Rafflecopter form on our home page from August 1-31.

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