The Twelve Dancing Thors-I Mean

The Twelve Dancing Thors-I mean, Princesses

The recent release of the movie Thor and Snow White—or, as some people insist on calling it, Snow White and the Huntsman—has me thinking about fairy tales. Naturally the first one that comes to mind is my own personal happily-ever-after fantasy of Thor helping me find my way through a dark forest. But then I remember my childhood and Fifty Famous Fairy Tales.

This was a book my oldest sister used to read to me at bedtime. It had all of the classics from different cultures. I enjoyed hearing them, but I could never identify with the heroines whose only aim in life was to find their true love, usually in the form of a prince, and settle down to boring bliss. I liked How the Sea Became Salt because it had enchanter’s imps who were addicted to bacon. Now them, I could relate to. But my absolute favorite was The Twelve Dancing Princesses.

I was fascinated by the idea of slipping out every night in a beautiful gown to go and dance in a magic castle. Those girls just wanted to have fun. They tricked all the men and escaped their father to walk through trees with silver and gold branches and diamond leaves. Oh sure, in the end a wounded soldier outwitted them and they all married princes. But they led wild lives until then.

As you might expect from the girl who believed in Lenny the Leprechaun and Indian money, I thought that I could go dancing too. Before bedtime I laid out my prettiest school dress and my best shoes. I was sure that once I fell asleep, I would be magically transported to a castle where I would waltz the night away. Imagine my disappointment the next morning when there was no sign of wear on my shoes and no diamond leaves either. After a few tries, I gave up.

But last week, I had a KDP promo going on and for the first time, I saw myself on the European charts! Soul and Shadow made it into the top fifteen in four categories in the free Kindle store in the UK, Spain and Italy. In Germany and France I was in the top ten. My publisher recently made a deal for distribution in Europe. Imajin Books is growing by leaps and bounds! A company from the Czech Republic expressed interest in the translation rights for Soul and Shadow. And a foreign rights agent expressed interest in me!

No dancing was involved, but I did have dreams come true!

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