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The Mummy’s-Blessing?

Last week, archaeologists made a startling discovery in Egypt’s Valley of the Kings ( In the first non-royal female burial ever found there, an Egyptian and Swiss team uncovered the tomb of Nehmes Bastet. She was a temple singer nearly three thousand years ago, and she was protected by the cat goddess Bastet. The tomb was not originally intended for her, but had been reused. Her sarcophagus is remarkably well-preserved, and is expected to be opened soon.

Hm. Sounds a little familiar. The mummy of a singer? Questionable tomb? Bastet? All elements in my novel Soul and Shadow. But here’s the really weird thing. Since I discovered this tomb (okay, not personally in Egypt, but on the internet) I have had nothing but good things happen to me.

That night, my ranking on Kindle rose to its highest number ever.

The next day, I was told that I was getting a raise at work. I also received a gift in the mail-a small package shipped from the Metropolitan Museum in New York. It was a lovely Egyptian bangle with a pattern taken from an ancient tomb painting. There was no card to identify the sender. A gift out of the blue! Of course, I had to buy a lottery ticket after that! And…I won!! Two dollars!

No, not enough to pay off the mortgage. But I didn’t lose, did I?

It might not be as catchy as a mummy’s curse, but a mummy’s blessing is a lot more fun! Now, if they discover a magic lotus blossom necklace when they open that coffin, it may be time to rent an apartment- in the Twilight Zone!

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