Hello! That’s me up there, always gazing off into the horizon. I just decided that my motto is “The Sky’s the Limit!”

I am the author of Soul and Shadow, a paranormal romance/suspense novel that takes place partly in ancient Egypt and partly in the present day. It won the silver medal in the 2011 Readers Favorite contest, and has been a bestseller in Amazon’s Historical Fiction category many times. Its heroine is Lily Evans, whose adventures continue in Fire And Shadow, a story about psychics, a witch, and a ghost from the 17th century. It has also been an Amazon bestseller in Occult. My publisher is the wonderful Imajin Books.

I have been writing almost my entire life and am a voracious reader as well. I love the classics, mysteries, the paranormal, fantasy, and history, both fact and fiction.

I work for a non-profit organization and I believe strongly in helping others. My upcoming novella, Shell and Shadow, is a romantic fantasy in the Lily Evans series. I am self-publishing this one so that all profits can go to Zara’s Center, a refuge for AIDS-impacted children. It is due out around Valentine’s Day.

Thank you for visiting me. My virtual door is always open. I have milk and cookies too!

You can also find me on:
http://bit.ly/OKdxZS : Twitter
http://on.fb.me/QqIscp : Facebook
http://linkd.in/SgGRbc: Linked In
http://on.fb.me/X6o1Hf Facebook Writer’s Page


2 thoughts on “welcome!

  1. Adriana Ryan

    People like you definitely deserve success, Sue! 🙂 But you should keep some of that money for yourself, too. 😉

  2. Well, I have always wanted to buy a box of Godiva chocolates, Adriana. Maybe I’ll treat myself! But I really have fun thinking of all the people I could make happy. First up is another building for the House of Mercy homeless shelter. That’s my dream.
    Thanks so much for visiting!

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