August Authors


July jumped and August is awesome at Imajin Books! It’s the second half of Summer Sizzlers, where you can meet our August Authors. See how I did that? The authors are august and the month is August so it has two meanings! I see you shaking your heads in wonder and admiration. What can I say? I was just born with it.

This month you can enter the drawing to win a Kindle Fire, Kindle Touch 3G, Kindle, Kobo Vox or Kobo Touch. Just go to Imajin contest page at We’re also giving away ebooks, paperbacks, and gift cards from Amazon and Kobo during our Twitter Party August 15-17. It’s part of meeting the authors at Imajin. You can read about us on the Imajin blog at and on our own blogs as well. Please feel free to ask questions! My virtual door is always open to you, even if I’m still in my pajamas.

Many Imajin books are on sale, including Soul and Shadow. It’s only $2.99 for the month of August. So come on down! Or up, as the case may be. Just as long as you make it!

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6 thoughts on “August Authors

  1. nice blog…Think i will come over more ofen

  2. Ann

    When is your next book coming out?

    • Can’t say for certain, but it should be August or September. I’m hoping! My publisher won’t release it until it’s perfect. Thanks for asking!

  3. Chi

    I thought your books just came out perfect from day one. I am looking forward to the next book.

    • Thank you Chi! I’m working on a children’s book now called If You Give a Librarian a Pancake Then a Hungry Hungry Mouse Might Eat It With Blue Eggs and Roast Beef. I’m hoping that it might encourage children to read.

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